Our Process

Podco takes pride in all of their projects and works extensively to ensure that they deliver a product that is easy to manufacture, cost-effective, and has exactly what you need. Take a look at our previous projects and learn how we worked to design them every step of the way.

1. Client Meeting

We meet with our clients and talk in detail about their product.

2. Conduct Research

Identify the needs and constraints of the product for the markets it is promoted to.

3. Develop Strategy & Proposal

Develop a list of potential designs solutions and select the best path forward based on the defined scope

4. Prototype Design

Develop an initial prototype product, with CAD and 3d printing and other rapid manufacturing processes.

5. Build & Test Prototype

Initial manufacturing and assembly of the prototype and test various aspects of the design based on the client’s needs.

6. Prepare for Manufacturing

Source supply of components needed utilizing in-house and outside help from other manufacturers. We select the best path forward based on quality and lead time.

7. Certification And Testing

Help clients certify their product needed to release in the market using equipment in our own lab and with our external certification partners.

8. Manufacturing Quantity

Ordering of components and assembly of the final product. All testing is concluded and ready for packaging.