Product design solutions from concept to production

Since 2016 Podco has been providing new and innovative technology to companies in a variety of industries. Podco brings a broad range of expertise to designing and developing products utilizing many new technologies such as PCB layout, 3D printing, injection molding, app development, and more. Read More>>


Podco takes pride in all of our projects. Our goal is to ensure we deliver an easy to manufacture, cost-effective product. We believe in a hands-on design approach, striving to make sure that each product is portable, strong, and perfect the first time. Take a look at our previous projects and learn how we worked to design them every step of the way.

FiAR Fire Extinguisher Training Tool

The FiAR is the world’s first augmented reality fire extinguisher training device. Developed by Podco for NORCAT, a company that specializes in providing training tools and services for the mining sector. FiAR was developed with

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PlantChoir is an amazing device that lets your plants make brand new and personal music just for you. PLANTChoir is a small Bluetooth device that clips on to any household plant and uses the plant’s

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